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    2.   HOTLINE:
    3. +86-15639830568
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    5. ABOUT US
    6. Shanxi Jiaxinda Food Co., Ltd.was established in May 2014, located in the Southern District of Yuncheng Airport Economic Development Zone, planning a total area of 113 mu. The total investment of the project is 200 million yuan, with a total construction area of more than 3 square meters, and the construction of the project is divided into two phases. A project investment 120 million, construction area of 20000 square meters, the original Sanmenxia lakeside fruit juice limited liability company relocation two deionized concentrated fruit and vegetable juice production line and supporting facilities, office buildings, cold storage, warehouse, boiler room and sewage treatment plan...

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    10. CONTACT US

    11. Address:The Southern District of Yuncheng Airport Economic Development Zone
    12. Landline:+86-15639830568
    13. Phone:+86-15939826258
    14. E-mail:15639830568@163.com
    15. Online Message